Michelle Obama: The First Lady in Photographs

A stunning, visual biography of Michelle Obama that finally puts her phenomenal fame into a cultural and historical context we can all understand.

There has never been a First Lady like her before. While there have been a slew of Obama celebrity books, none contain the message of Deborah Willis and Emily Bernard’s eye-opening book, published in 2009. With nearly 200 compelling photographs, these two noted scholars capture Michelle Obama’s dramatic transformation from working mother to First Lady, from her first tentative steps on the campaign trail to her spontaneous hug of the Queen, to her fairy-tale-like “date night” on Broadway. Not since Jacqueline Kennedy has there been a First Lady who has so enchanted America, but in her down-to-earth dealings with all Americans—schoolchildren, military families, and home gardeners alike—and in her diverse fashion taste, from J. Crew to Jason Wu, Michelle Obama is inexplicably all pearls, all business, all mother. The authors show how Michelle Obama represents the culmination of America’s evolving views on women, race, motherhood, and beauty. Much more than a mere catalog of style, Michelle Obama is a remarkable pictorial story of one woman’s hold on our imagination. 150 full-color photographs.

The Daily Beast Review

“An unexpected variation on a particular kind of down-home majesty steps up through Michelle Obama: The First Lady In Photographs. Well-selected by Deborah Willis and put into context by writer Emily Bernard, the book is much more than one would expect because the perpetual feeling of vitality found in the image of the first lady is always paced by the peculiar sorrow of the extremely sensitive in positions of great power and ceaseless attention.”Stanley Crouch

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